Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Deadline......Just Around The Corner

The 2012 Trade Deadline is less than three weeks away so what better time to take a look at the Bruins roster and open up some discussion as per what our beloved PC should be doing this year to give us the best possible chance to become back-to-back Champions!

I whole heartedly believe that we won the cup last year at the deadline.

Say what you want about Kabby and I know alot of you will and do have negative opinions regarding about his time with our B's but I still think he made some positive contributions and even
though he didn't produce the way many wanted or expected (myself included) I do think he was a valuable piece just to add to our depth on the blue line and made us tougher to match up against.

And of course...picking up Kelly and Pevs well without the addition of those two I definitely don't think we would have won the Cup.  Both guys chipped in with big timely goals played that playoff style that veteran guys like that seem to be able too and really put us over the top in my opinion.

Fast forward one year later and we had an amazing parade (which yours truly witnessed first hand), a summer of shirtless clubbing, a banner raising, a good excuse for  Timmy to express his political beliefs and here we are....defending champions poised to take another run at Lord Stanley!

So what still needs to be done to this roster to give us the best possible chance to repeat you may ask?

Well let me tell ya (you knew I would)...

Lets do a little housecleaning here before I propose some major renovations shall we.

First and foremost and at the very top of my list...GET KAMPFER OUT OF TOWN!!! Seriously people...what is the fascination some fans have with this guy?  I realize he is a healthy scratch 90% of the time (which should tell you all you need to know about him) but when we get into injury or suspension trouble like we recently did it drives me fucking nuts to watch this guy.  I mean seriously what
does he bring to the table??

For me the fix for this is to send him back down for good OR even better see if some GM is dumb enough to be sold on his "potential" and bring Colby Cohen up from Providence.

Granted his stats in Providence won't jump off the page at ya BUT as a depth defenceman who needs to slot into the 5-6 spot from time to time he is a MUCH better fit than Kampfer.  He is huge, physical
and will drop the mitts from time to time.

Its time for everyone to realize Kampfer is what he is...its not like he's 20 years old and we know he is a sure fire top 4 dman of the future.  Time to turn the page on him and let him take an early vacation to see his buddies Mickey and Goofy.

Now for the meat and potatoes....let me get to MY personal wishlist for the trade deadline.

Yes some of this is just fantasy but hey these are some of the names that are out there!

1. Shea Weber - Yes laugh and snicker if you want and I realize the chances of Weber being dealt are slim but hey this is MY wishlist.  I think there is a real possibility that Nashville needs to break up the dynamic duo of Weber and Suter.  As much as they don't want too Suter has already come out and said he will not sign in season.  Weber is a RFA and Suter a UFA...yes this make the chance of it being Suter dealt a much greater possibility but hey come on here and dream for a minute.  I remember this kid playing at the Memorial Cup in my hometown with Kelowna and I was blown away then.  He is the complete package...he hits, he fights and next to Big Z might have the hardest shot from in the league.  Obviously the asking price would be through the roof and I am sure would include 2 roster players and most likely Dougie but if this
guy ever came our way you can start planning the parade again.

2. Ryan Suter - See above for my explanation on why he may be available.  As I said IF the Preds break up the duo he is the most likely to be moved.  He is no Shea Weber but he is still a stud. Again the asking price will be high but I as you can see the piece I covet the most would be on the blue-line.

3. Lubomir Visnovsky - Not the same mold by any means as Suter and Weber but this guy INSTANTLY revamps our power play.  Somewhat underrated because he's out on the West Coast so you don't see him alot but the numbers don't lie.  Anaheim may or may not clean house but if they do look for Visnovsky to possibly be available.  Yes I know the price tag again will be high but these guys don't grown on trees people!

4. Derek Roy - I LOVE our forwards.  I love our line combinations I love our depth I love the mix of everything we have.  That being said our third line tonight is Pouliot-Krejci-Caron. I am very happy with the low risk low expense signing of Pouliot and what he brings and I know Coach is in love with caron but adding Roy would give us three potent scoring lines to go along with the best fourth line in hockey.  Personally I've always liked Roy and think he has a boat load of potential that he hasnt even completely lived up too.

5. Antoine Vermette - This would be the easiest deal of all these guys to get.  Yes I am sure many of you will read this and shake your heads BUT this is all about the price being right and some upside this guy would bring.  Again I am very happy with what Pouliot has brought to the table this year for what we signed him at BUT Vermette is an upgrade.  Speed to burn, kills penalties, experienced and has some skill too.  I think adding him would be comparable to adding Kelly last year.

So there you have it folks.

Let me be clear...I LOVE our current roster and if the playoffs started tomorrow I would love our chances to repeat.......but hey a girl can dream :)

- Ashley


  1. You said read this "NOW!" and since Rask pissed me off tonight, I figured I'd obey. My 2 cents (well, probably more like 15 cents), it makes no sense to call up Cohen at this point so he can be a healthy scratch. He can't break into the top 6 at this point in his career and I think Kampfer has done a decent job filling in for injuries/suspensions.

    I'd love to get Weber or Suter...either would be great but it's going to cost us. We're in a world of hurt as half our team are free agents. I say we offer up Corvo (huge disappointment), Boychuk (won't be able to afford him next year), Soupy and if that's not enough, maybe a 1st or 2nd round pick. I also think we'd have to grab a forward from Nashville and personally I'd LOVE to see Tootoo in the BLACK AND GOLD!!! Sounds like we'd be giving up a lot but I don't see anyway we can sign all of our FAs and I think priority has to be Kelly, Thornton, Poo, and Paille (yeah, Rask too but I'm pissed at him!!!).

    The same deal to Anaheim if they're willing to part with Lubo would be great but they'd have to throw in Jason Blake.

    If Ruutu's price isn't too high maybe packing something for he and Spacek would work. Plus, we need more players with 2 U's in their name!!!

    Or a good scenario would be our friends the Leafs, who just love getting screwed by us, want to offer up Schenn and MacArthur.

    No shaking my head at Vermette...I'd be fine with it but I think we need to focus on D.

    Also, hopefully by the deadline we're going to get an amazing forward in Nathan Horton who hopefully will return to form.

    I don't think we need to look for "rentals" this deadline. In my many (many) years of being a B's fan I don't know if I've ever seen a deeper, more talented team. Yeah, they've slipped up a bit as of late but they'll get it together. My concern is next year and perhaps the following (while we wait for our AMAZING kids to become NHL ready.

  2. P.S. - It's very difficult to focus my thoughts while looking at that picture!

  3. I think every AHL/prospect player is on the block other than Spooner, Knight, Button, Dougie, Alexandrov, Sauve, and Arneil. Kampfer could be that borderline NHL guy that could sweeten the deal for a trade.

    And I wholeheartedly agree with aegreenie's "P.S." comment. Wow.