Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I'm baaaaaack!!!! And guess what Bruins are the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!!

Sorry to all my loyal readers for being somewhat on shutdown the last couple of months...busy with school, life, etc. blah blah blah but enough of that! I am back with a vengence and I am beyond
fired up for the playoffs to start!

Before I get into the Bruins match-up with the Caps and my take it to the bank series prediction I would like to tend to a little house-keeping relating to the Honey Pot first.

I will start by admitting I was completely wrong about something.  Yes a rare occasion that I was off about something but I will own up to it right now. Before the regular season I so boldly predicted that the Flyers would not make the playoffs. Not only did they make it but they made it in as a 5-seed.  I blew this one folks (save your dirty thoughts..stay with me here) I did not believe in Bryz and I wasn't sold on some of their off-season moves. While I think they would still be better off with Richards, Carter and Bobrovsky rather than Simmonds, Schenn and Bryz with Bob on the bench....they did however have a very good season the Jagr signing turned out to be a smart move. Props to you Flyers and enjoy kicking Sidney's Vagina in the Round One!

Now after that rare miscue lets just point out that within the same blog entry I also pointed out that the Toronto Maple Leafs would continue to be the joke that they are and would once to qualify for the post-season.  Thus after reading an article stating that the Leafs were play-off bound.  Well Burkie not only did you renew my faith in what an ass clown of a GM you are you took it one step further and ended up in the bottom five and the Draft Lottery. Bahahaahahaha omg the Leafs are a joke that just keeps getting better and better.  All I have to say to you Burkie is.....stay away from Galchenyuk!!! I really shouldn't worry because drafting Gally would be the smart move which we know Burkie is incapable of!

Anyway I digress...enough ranting about that joke of an organization and on to one that actually knows what a Playoff game is.

So here we go folks!  Bruins vs Caps.  I was looking forward to playing the Sens in the first round (despite the fact CBC would have drove me insane) because I thought that was our best match-up.  But fuck it...we're the defending Stanley Cup Champs..bring on anyone!

Here is my take on how we match up with the Caps.

Advantage Bruins - We may not have one player individually better than OV however collectively as a group this isn't even close.  I do think OV has somewhat found his old magic and its a boost for them that Backstrom is back but outside of that I think their depth is lacking.  Semin is a dog when it counts and after that I see a bunch of pluggers who don't get much done.  Our calling card all season long and during last years run is our depth.  We will roll four lines with legit scoring threats on the top 3 and a 4th line that will give the Caps fits and will continually set the tone throughout this series.  Don't look for any one player to lead the way...which is a good thing.  Look for the entire Bergy line to come through like they have all year and I love guys like Pevs and Kelly come playoff time...they always seem to score big goals!

Advantage Bruins
- One word...Big Z!! The Caps don't have any defencemen on the same planet as Z.  I hope Ovi is ready for a steady diet of #33 because that is what he will see literally every shift he is on the ice. Green is not even close to the same player he was before his string of injuries leaving Bruins castoff Dennis Wideman as the Caps top D....ya good luck.

Advantage Bruins - This one is advantage Bruins in a landslide.  At the end of the day this will decide the series.  Don't give me any garbage about Timmy playing against Washington and being distracted because of all that political bullshit.  Reigning Vezina Tropy Winner vs. 11-games in his NHL career Holtby. Like most rookie goalies in the playoffs Holtby will show flashes of brilliance but in a 7-game series there is no way he leads the Caps to a series win.  Timmy had a tough second half of the season but its playoff time and its time for him to shut the door.

Advantage Bruins - Experienced Stanley Cup Champion vs. Memorial Cup Champion. AKA an NHL  Coach vs. a Jr.A Coach. Need I say more? Another large advantage Bruins.

Add these all up and what do you get??

Prediction: Bruins in 5. I'll give the Caps a game somewhere along the line but we wrap it up at home in 5.

Thats it for now...but I will be much more active now that its playoff time and really...thats about all I can think about now anyway!  Enjoy the game tonight and Go Bruins!


  1. Gotta love a girl that knows her hockey and looks this good in the process.


  2. I am surprised you haven't created a Bruins wish list on amazon and started pushing it to your followers.