Monday, 4 June 2012

Terrible Timmy....Just Terrible

Selfish.  That is the one word for me to sum up the latest episode of the Tim Thomas soap opera that is going on right now.

Yes I know he helped us win the first Bruins Cup of my lifetime, yes I know about the Vezina trophies, the fun goofy antics both off the ice and usually on it.  Trust me I loved Timmy and it shocks me what has happened over the past 6 months...but I'm sorry in my eyes this does not give him a free pass to walk out on his contract and in doing so fuck his teammates and fuck the fans of the Boston Bruins!

For the past three days I have heard so many differing opinions on this.  Many have come down on me for my strong views on this and feel like I am being way too hard on him.  They feel like with what he did for our organization he is entitled to do whatever the hell he wants to do.  Well sorry I completely disagree with this and think its complete bullshit!

Let me just say that IF Timmy's contract was up and he was essentially a free-agent and he chose to walk away or take a "year off" I would be the first one to say "More power to ya deserve it!".  The thing is people HE DOES HAVE A CONTRACT!  In my eyes this is not about his 3 F's...

It's about 1 F...Fuck You Bruins is the only F I see in this whole debacle.

To touch on the contract for a moment.  Does it not smell bad to anyone else that he signs a multi-year deal as an older player...FRONT LOADS THE CONTRACT...and then walks away in the year that he is set to actually make the least amount of money in the deal??  People say "oh well look at all the money he is walking away from!!!" Well actually people he already milked most of the money out of this contract already!  Look at what Nick Lidstrom did. For the past few seasons Lidstrom always knew there would be a chance that he needed to step away from the game.  So what did he do all those seasons?? Did he sign a 5-year deal like he most likely could have got 3 years ago from the Wings?? No! He kept signing 1-year contracts because he knew at the end of any of those years it could be hist last.  So in order to not fuck the organization that had given him so much (and yes he gave them alot back) he just kept doing his 1-year deals so they would not be stuck with a large cap hit for a player no longer playing!  Bottom line Timmy...YOU signed a one held a gun to YOUR head to sign it....LIVE UP TO IT!

Yes I understand family comes first above everything else.  But come on...explain to the factory worker working 12-hour days that a guy with 4 months a year off just does not have enough time to spend with his family!  Sure these guys are on the road alot but how many hours comparatively to us working stiffs do these guys work on non game days?? Practice in the morning...mix in a work out..all in all about a 5-hour day.  Lots of time to pick the kids up from school if he so chooses to do. 

In my mind this came down to one thing...Timmy saw the writing on the wall...he heard the trade rumors and speculation and he picked up his toys and left the sand box before he could be told to move to another sand box.  I use the sand box analogy because he is acting like a 5-year old right now.

I have heard the term a virtual no trade clause by doing this.  Well why the hell didn't he push to have an ACTUAL no trade clause when HE signed that contract I mentioned earlier??

I have also had people say to me "Well if Tuukka is so good then why does it matter?"

Yes Tuukka is SO good and I firmly believe Timmy or no Timmy that Tuukka would have been the # 1 goalie this season.  It is definitely Tuukka Time BUT that is not the point! The point is the 5-million Cap hit that we are going to be stuck with!

I've also had people actually say to me "Well its the same thing Savard did...Savard could have negotiated a buy-out of his contract".  EXCUSE ME???? How is this the same as Savvy??? The game ripped away Savvy's day to day health and the physical ability to do his job!  How the hell are they even close to being compareable? Savvy deserves every penny that is owed to him on his contract.  This is a guy who returned to play early in the playoffs (when you don't even get paid) because he wanted to help his team that bad and he just wanted to play!

Also say what you want about the media BUT the media is in place to act as the information source of the fan.  Bruins fans deserve to HEAR and SEE Timmy being held accountable and having to actually answer some questions on this matter.  Hiding behind your facebook account to make this announcement is cowardly and self-serving. 

I would like to say I feel better now after getting that off my chest but the fact is I don't.  I still have a sick feeling in my stomach over this with a player who I held in such high regard as a Bruin who now
in my opinion has turned his back on the organization, on a contract he signed and has left a 5-million dollar hole for us to somehow climb out of!



  1. Even though I'm not a Bruins Fan(as stated on Twitter in reply to your tweet). I agree..what people fail to see is he is leaving the team with a 5 million dollar cap hit. I'm a Habs fan and if Scott Gomez decided to do this to Montreal I'd be livid! Sure he's the shittiest player that I've seen on the Habs to date and would love to not have him play there. But the fact is he's leaving the team with a 7 million dollar cap hit! Is ridiculous! These men are professional sports players and role models to young kids in hockey. What this shows them is they didn't have a love for the game, they had a love for the money they were being paid. Good post Ashley!

  2. Would it not be better for the Bruins if Thomas retired and then came out of retirement after?

  3. To be honest I just don't understand. I don't understand where our morals have gone to! If the society we live in pegs 5 mil dollars as more important then friends, family and God... Shoot me now because I want no part of it! You talk about Tim as being selfish, I suggest a mirror in this case! 5 mil to an organization like the Bruins is peanuts and you all damn well know it! To stone a man for wanting to spend time with friends and family is insane! Talk about role models?? Tim is the only real role model mentioned in this blog! I want my children (when I have them) to pick family 100% of the time! I applaud Tim for his choice! God speed brother! And let's face it, anything other then what Tim said is all speculated. Say what you want but you have no proof of any of it and its merly your own imagination! Fine you can say he loaded his contract all you want... But maybe just maybe he didn't think he'd be worth it in 3 years(he is 38 years old)! In order to SAVE the organization money (unlike Roberto) he requested the money when he was confident he could perform! You can say he bailed on his team due to trade rumors...well that's exactly what that was.. A rumor! And until proven other wise it will remain that way! I understand people are passionate about their hockey...but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is what's at home! Your friends, your family, and your faith! Not your team, not some stupid paycheck and certainly not a game! And anyone that puts money among those 3 F's really needs to re-evaluate things. And on a side note with the Scott Gomez... I would be praying he would bail on his contract! Your paying the 7 mil wether he plays or not! If he sucks that bad, take him off the roster and bring in a rookie that you pay $500,000 and get him developing! Sure its not good business to sit a 7 mil dollar player but really, you can keep that status Quo and continue to suck or you can give a young player a chance to develop!

  4. Baese...what you forget is that Thomas still has one year on his contract, and will be sitting out this year. He's not being sent to the minors, he's not being traded, he's still on their roster and thus eating 5million dollars on their Cap. That 5 million that's just sitting there because the person decided to throw a hissy fit and took his toys from the sandbox and went home(As Ashley stated) is what the underlining issue is here. I was using Gomez as an example cause well I hate the guy, but luckily they will probably be doing something with him this season(one can only hope) that will result in him not being counted against the cap next year. If Thomas wanted to avoid pissing people off he could have easily retired and then do a come back next season if all he wanted was a year off to spend it with family...but instead he's handcuffed the Bruins into holding onto his contract and pretty much ending his NHL Career cause no team is going to sign him after this stunt.

  5. I understand what a "cap" is but look...they won the cup with this team what 2 years ago? All the pieces are still there for another winning team minus Tim (or so ashley claims). All that cap his does is prevent them from picking someone up. Now my arguement is if Bruins are still supposed to be that GREAT team and Tuukke was ALWAYS supposed to be their #1... WTF does it matter if Thomas is there, who cares he's costing them 5 mil for ONE year if you still have that winning team? Unless you have no faith in your team??? And I suppose if the Bruins don't win the cup next year I'm sure it will be timmy's fault no doubt...and finally I reiterate, ITS JUST A GAME! The Maple Leafs haven't won't the cup in 40+ don't see me crying about it! We haven't had good goaltendting since Potvin (if you can call that good) sure you can say Joseph, Belfore but they came to toronto at the end of their careers... To retire. I still stand by my previous comment...I applaude tim for stepping away to spend time with FFF... And if Tuukke was always your #1 anyways...tim leaving with his 5 mil shouldn't be a problem! You say you have faith...let see it and stop whining that little timmy took his toys out of the sand box!

  6. We are still a VERY good team with or without him. Not the point. I've called for Tuukka to be the #1 for quite some time regardless if Timmy would be back again or not....again...not the point. The point is that no matter how good we may or may not be we now have 5 million less to spend because Timmy is WALKING AWAY..from a contract he freely signed. So if injuries happen throughout the season and we don't have money to spend at the deadline because he walked away you're saying fans who PAID HIS SALARY don't have a right to be frustrated or angry with him for doing this? If his contract for some reason was loaded where the bulk of his money was to be paid in the last year of the contract do you honestly think he would be doing this?? He took the bulk of the money and is now bolting in the year he is set to make BY FAR the least amount of money in the deal. PS 99.99999% of Leaf fans would disagree with you about not having good goaltending since Potvin. You seriously can write that Cujo was not GOOD???? Go back and look at his numbers as a Leaf...what the hell is your standard for good??

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  8. Timmy's wife left him at Christmas and took the kids. He is off to try and save his marriage, and family.

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