Monday, 4 June 2012

Terrible Timmy....Just Terrible

Selfish.  That is the one word for me to sum up the latest episode of the Tim Thomas soap opera that is going on right now.

Yes I know he helped us win the first Bruins Cup of my lifetime, yes I know about the Vezina trophies, the fun goofy antics both off the ice and usually on it.  Trust me I loved Timmy and it shocks me what has happened over the past 6 months...but I'm sorry in my eyes this does not give him a free pass to walk out on his contract and in doing so fuck his teammates and fuck the fans of the Boston Bruins!

For the past three days I have heard so many differing opinions on this.  Many have come down on me for my strong views on this and feel like I am being way too hard on him.  They feel like with what he did for our organization he is entitled to do whatever the hell he wants to do.  Well sorry I completely disagree with this and think its complete bullshit!

Let me just say that IF Timmy's contract was up and he was essentially a free-agent and he chose to walk away or take a "year off" I would be the first one to say "More power to ya deserve it!".  The thing is people HE DOES HAVE A CONTRACT!  In my eyes this is not about his 3 F's...

It's about 1 F...Fuck You Bruins is the only F I see in this whole debacle.

To touch on the contract for a moment.  Does it not smell bad to anyone else that he signs a multi-year deal as an older player...FRONT LOADS THE CONTRACT...and then walks away in the year that he is set to actually make the least amount of money in the deal??  People say "oh well look at all the money he is walking away from!!!" Well actually people he already milked most of the money out of this contract already!  Look at what Nick Lidstrom did. For the past few seasons Lidstrom always knew there would be a chance that he needed to step away from the game.  So what did he do all those seasons?? Did he sign a 5-year deal like he most likely could have got 3 years ago from the Wings?? No! He kept signing 1-year contracts because he knew at the end of any of those years it could be hist last.  So in order to not fuck the organization that had given him so much (and yes he gave them alot back) he just kept doing his 1-year deals so they would not be stuck with a large cap hit for a player no longer playing!  Bottom line Timmy...YOU signed a one held a gun to YOUR head to sign it....LIVE UP TO IT!

Yes I understand family comes first above everything else.  But come on...explain to the factory worker working 12-hour days that a guy with 4 months a year off just does not have enough time to spend with his family!  Sure these guys are on the road alot but how many hours comparatively to us working stiffs do these guys work on non game days?? Practice in the morning...mix in a work out..all in all about a 5-hour day.  Lots of time to pick the kids up from school if he so chooses to do. 

In my mind this came down to one thing...Timmy saw the writing on the wall...he heard the trade rumors and speculation and he picked up his toys and left the sand box before he could be told to move to another sand box.  I use the sand box analogy because he is acting like a 5-year old right now.

I have heard the term a virtual no trade clause by doing this.  Well why the hell didn't he push to have an ACTUAL no trade clause when HE signed that contract I mentioned earlier??

I have also had people say to me "Well if Tuukka is so good then why does it matter?"

Yes Tuukka is SO good and I firmly believe Timmy or no Timmy that Tuukka would have been the # 1 goalie this season.  It is definitely Tuukka Time BUT that is not the point! The point is the 5-million Cap hit that we are going to be stuck with!

I've also had people actually say to me "Well its the same thing Savard did...Savard could have negotiated a buy-out of his contract".  EXCUSE ME???? How is this the same as Savvy??? The game ripped away Savvy's day to day health and the physical ability to do his job!  How the hell are they even close to being compareable? Savvy deserves every penny that is owed to him on his contract.  This is a guy who returned to play early in the playoffs (when you don't even get paid) because he wanted to help his team that bad and he just wanted to play!

Also say what you want about the media BUT the media is in place to act as the information source of the fan.  Bruins fans deserve to HEAR and SEE Timmy being held accountable and having to actually answer some questions on this matter.  Hiding behind your facebook account to make this announcement is cowardly and self-serving. 

I would like to say I feel better now after getting that off my chest but the fact is I don't.  I still have a sick feeling in my stomach over this with a player who I held in such high regard as a Bruin who now
in my opinion has turned his back on the organization, on a contract he signed and has left a 5-million dollar hole for us to somehow climb out of!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I'm baaaaaack!!!! And guess what Bruins are the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!!

Sorry to all my loyal readers for being somewhat on shutdown the last couple of months...busy with school, life, etc. blah blah blah but enough of that! I am back with a vengence and I am beyond
fired up for the playoffs to start!

Before I get into the Bruins match-up with the Caps and my take it to the bank series prediction I would like to tend to a little house-keeping relating to the Honey Pot first.

I will start by admitting I was completely wrong about something.  Yes a rare occasion that I was off about something but I will own up to it right now. Before the regular season I so boldly predicted that the Flyers would not make the playoffs. Not only did they make it but they made it in as a 5-seed.  I blew this one folks (save your dirty thoughts..stay with me here) I did not believe in Bryz and I wasn't sold on some of their off-season moves. While I think they would still be better off with Richards, Carter and Bobrovsky rather than Simmonds, Schenn and Bryz with Bob on the bench....they did however have a very good season the Jagr signing turned out to be a smart move. Props to you Flyers and enjoy kicking Sidney's Vagina in the Round One!

Now after that rare miscue lets just point out that within the same blog entry I also pointed out that the Toronto Maple Leafs would continue to be the joke that they are and would once to qualify for the post-season.  Thus after reading an article stating that the Leafs were play-off bound.  Well Burkie not only did you renew my faith in what an ass clown of a GM you are you took it one step further and ended up in the bottom five and the Draft Lottery. Bahahaahahaha omg the Leafs are a joke that just keeps getting better and better.  All I have to say to you Burkie is.....stay away from Galchenyuk!!! I really shouldn't worry because drafting Gally would be the smart move which we know Burkie is incapable of!

Anyway I digress...enough ranting about that joke of an organization and on to one that actually knows what a Playoff game is.

So here we go folks!  Bruins vs Caps.  I was looking forward to playing the Sens in the first round (despite the fact CBC would have drove me insane) because I thought that was our best match-up.  But fuck it...we're the defending Stanley Cup Champs..bring on anyone!

Here is my take on how we match up with the Caps.

Advantage Bruins - We may not have one player individually better than OV however collectively as a group this isn't even close.  I do think OV has somewhat found his old magic and its a boost for them that Backstrom is back but outside of that I think their depth is lacking.  Semin is a dog when it counts and after that I see a bunch of pluggers who don't get much done.  Our calling card all season long and during last years run is our depth.  We will roll four lines with legit scoring threats on the top 3 and a 4th line that will give the Caps fits and will continually set the tone throughout this series.  Don't look for any one player to lead the way...which is a good thing.  Look for the entire Bergy line to come through like they have all year and I love guys like Pevs and Kelly come playoff time...they always seem to score big goals!

Advantage Bruins
- One word...Big Z!! The Caps don't have any defencemen on the same planet as Z.  I hope Ovi is ready for a steady diet of #33 because that is what he will see literally every shift he is on the ice. Green is not even close to the same player he was before his string of injuries leaving Bruins castoff Dennis Wideman as the Caps top D....ya good luck.

Advantage Bruins - This one is advantage Bruins in a landslide.  At the end of the day this will decide the series.  Don't give me any garbage about Timmy playing against Washington and being distracted because of all that political bullshit.  Reigning Vezina Tropy Winner vs. 11-games in his NHL career Holtby. Like most rookie goalies in the playoffs Holtby will show flashes of brilliance but in a 7-game series there is no way he leads the Caps to a series win.  Timmy had a tough second half of the season but its playoff time and its time for him to shut the door.

Advantage Bruins - Experienced Stanley Cup Champion vs. Memorial Cup Champion. AKA an NHL  Coach vs. a Jr.A Coach. Need I say more? Another large advantage Bruins.

Add these all up and what do you get??

Prediction: Bruins in 5. I'll give the Caps a game somewhere along the line but we wrap it up at home in 5.

Thats it for now...but I will be much more active now that its playoff time and really...thats about all I can think about now anyway!  Enjoy the game tonight and Go Bruins!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Deadline......Just Around The Corner

The 2012 Trade Deadline is less than three weeks away so what better time to take a look at the Bruins roster and open up some discussion as per what our beloved PC should be doing this year to give us the best possible chance to become back-to-back Champions!

I whole heartedly believe that we won the cup last year at the deadline.

Say what you want about Kabby and I know alot of you will and do have negative opinions regarding about his time with our B's but I still think he made some positive contributions and even
though he didn't produce the way many wanted or expected (myself included) I do think he was a valuable piece just to add to our depth on the blue line and made us tougher to match up against.

And of course...picking up Kelly and Pevs well without the addition of those two I definitely don't think we would have won the Cup.  Both guys chipped in with big timely goals played that playoff style that veteran guys like that seem to be able too and really put us over the top in my opinion.

Fast forward one year later and we had an amazing parade (which yours truly witnessed first hand), a summer of shirtless clubbing, a banner raising, a good excuse for  Timmy to express his political beliefs and here we are....defending champions poised to take another run at Lord Stanley!

So what still needs to be done to this roster to give us the best possible chance to repeat you may ask?

Well let me tell ya (you knew I would)...

Lets do a little housecleaning here before I propose some major renovations shall we.

First and foremost and at the very top of my list...GET KAMPFER OUT OF TOWN!!! Seriously people...what is the fascination some fans have with this guy?  I realize he is a healthy scratch 90% of the time (which should tell you all you need to know about him) but when we get into injury or suspension trouble like we recently did it drives me fucking nuts to watch this guy.  I mean seriously what
does he bring to the table??

For me the fix for this is to send him back down for good OR even better see if some GM is dumb enough to be sold on his "potential" and bring Colby Cohen up from Providence.

Granted his stats in Providence won't jump off the page at ya BUT as a depth defenceman who needs to slot into the 5-6 spot from time to time he is a MUCH better fit than Kampfer.  He is huge, physical
and will drop the mitts from time to time.

Its time for everyone to realize Kampfer is what he is...its not like he's 20 years old and we know he is a sure fire top 4 dman of the future.  Time to turn the page on him and let him take an early vacation to see his buddies Mickey and Goofy.

Now for the meat and potatoes....let me get to MY personal wishlist for the trade deadline.

Yes some of this is just fantasy but hey these are some of the names that are out there!

1. Shea Weber - Yes laugh and snicker if you want and I realize the chances of Weber being dealt are slim but hey this is MY wishlist.  I think there is a real possibility that Nashville needs to break up the dynamic duo of Weber and Suter.  As much as they don't want too Suter has already come out and said he will not sign in season.  Weber is a RFA and Suter a UFA...yes this make the chance of it being Suter dealt a much greater possibility but hey come on here and dream for a minute.  I remember this kid playing at the Memorial Cup in my hometown with Kelowna and I was blown away then.  He is the complete package...he hits, he fights and next to Big Z might have the hardest shot from in the league.  Obviously the asking price would be through the roof and I am sure would include 2 roster players and most likely Dougie but if this
guy ever came our way you can start planning the parade again.

2. Ryan Suter - See above for my explanation on why he may be available.  As I said IF the Preds break up the duo he is the most likely to be moved.  He is no Shea Weber but he is still a stud. Again the asking price will be high but I as you can see the piece I covet the most would be on the blue-line.

3. Lubomir Visnovsky - Not the same mold by any means as Suter and Weber but this guy INSTANTLY revamps our power play.  Somewhat underrated because he's out on the West Coast so you don't see him alot but the numbers don't lie.  Anaheim may or may not clean house but if they do look for Visnovsky to possibly be available.  Yes I know the price tag again will be high but these guys don't grown on trees people!

4. Derek Roy - I LOVE our forwards.  I love our line combinations I love our depth I love the mix of everything we have.  That being said our third line tonight is Pouliot-Krejci-Caron. I am very happy with the low risk low expense signing of Pouliot and what he brings and I know Coach is in love with caron but adding Roy would give us three potent scoring lines to go along with the best fourth line in hockey.  Personally I've always liked Roy and think he has a boat load of potential that he hasnt even completely lived up too.

5. Antoine Vermette - This would be the easiest deal of all these guys to get.  Yes I am sure many of you will read this and shake your heads BUT this is all about the price being right and some upside this guy would bring.  Again I am very happy with what Pouliot has brought to the table this year for what we signed him at BUT Vermette is an upgrade.  Speed to burn, kills penalties, experienced and has some skill too.  I think adding him would be comparable to adding Kelly last year.

So there you have it folks.

Let me be clear...I LOVE our current roster and if the playoffs started tomorrow I would love our chances to repeat.......but hey a girl can dream :)

- Ashley

Monday, 16 January 2012

This Just In...Well Actually A Bit Late But....The Canucks Are Still Annoying Pussies

The Jacket Says It All - Stanley Cup Champions
Happy New Year to all my readers and most especially my fellow Bruin fans!

What a way to kick off the new year.  Last Saturday we were reminded just how much we can't stand those losers from the West Coast...the Stanley Cup Runner Up..the Vancouver Canucks.

Now I will start off by saying that this game just pointed out to me all that is wrong with the NHL Schedule.  Its a crime that after last years Stanley Cup Finals and our one game reunion filled with so much hate and passion that we only play these cocksuckers one time this season.  Well only one time unless the Canucks find their way back to the Finals...cause we all know WE will be there!! But come on Betman and NHLPA get your act together.  We need to play teams in the West more than once per season. 

Ok now lets get to the Canfucks a team filled with a couple of weasels, twin sisters,a very sensitive goaltender and a pompous arrogant Coach who doubles as a complete hypocrite!

As for the game itself.  I wasn't able to watch it all live as I was busy being Maid of Honour of the Year
and attending a Bridal show...BUT being the true fan and student of the game that I am I did watch it in its entirety through my NHL Online Centre Ice package.

Call me biased whatever but the better team did not win that game.  I do however love how the Canucks, their media and their fans act like it was some sort of vindication for the Finals. the end of the day it was 2 points we still have the Cup and your still runners up!

I love how the Canucks also feel like they proved a point with some of the rough stuff and "answering the bell".  Ummm lets see you had a player challenge Thorty then run scared and refuse to drop the mitts, you start a mini brawl by getting your stick in our face and then of course no one is man enough to deal with Looch...and as always at the first sign of any altercation the Sisters Sedin were skating furiously to the bench to change their tampons.

It drives me nuts how after the game all that anyone would talk about was the low bridge hit by Marchy on Salo.  To me this was a minor penalty at best and thats it! Were his elbows up? Did he target his head? Was his stick up? Not to sound like Milbury but his 5-game suspension is just another example of the wussification of the NHL.

What pisses me off though more than the penalty or the suspension is the reaction from Alan VignFUCK.  Essentially through his crying and his whining he was insinuating that someone should seriously injure Marchy.  Well guess what Vignfuck...take a look in your own backyard before this shit comes out of your mouth.  Unlike the pussies you throw out over the boards every other shift every player wearing Black and Gold will actually defend themselves and back everything up. 

Just for fun...and I'm sure most of you have seen this but what a perfect way to close off the Canfucks and let Thorty have the final word!  Oh wait that loser writer from Vancouver says it best himself when he admits "they have no toughness" hahaha this coming from one of their own reporters..this is classic.

Anyway Canfucks until we meet again...rather IF we meet again.  And if we do you will once again end the season as the second best team in the NHL.

Also some quick love for my other team!  The OHL trade deadline recently came and went and my Sarnia Sting loaded up! Most importantly they loaded up with one of the top Bruin prospects!!! Ryan Spooner is now a member of the Sting and they've been rollin ever since. 

With the addition of Spooner the Sting easily have the best "top six" in the OHL and quite likely all of the CHL. 

Sadly Nail is currently nursing a knee injury but when he comes back and when him and Spooner are on the ice going to be incredible.  Yours truly will be going to watch him and the Sting on Thursday night and I will be sure to give a lil scouting report for any of you wanting to read up on the Bruins prospect!

- Ashley

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Santa Ashley

It's that time of the year Honey Pot readers!  Santa Ashley is busy looking over lists and checking them twice...time to find out which Bruins have been naughty and nice ;)

Just for fun let's take a look at what Santa Ashley is getting each of her boys for Christmas this year!

Ok lets start in net and see what Santa Ashley got the best goaltending duo in the NHL for Christmas!

Tuukka Rask - For Rasky well he was an easy one to check off my list.  For Tuukka this year I got him a copy of "Anger Management for Dummies". 

Tim Thomas - For Timmy there were so many things I could get for him it was hard to choose. In the end I took his age and workload he has been getting into account and I got Timmy a super soft extra padded Yoga Mat.  Those knees aren't going to last forever ya know! We need to take care of our gumby like goaltender! Oh I also got him a booklet of Cheeseburger coupons since we know Timmy loves a good cheeseburger!

Next I hopped over to the Mall to work on the d-men on my list...

Zdeno Chara - Hmmm what to get the 6 foot 9 255 pound man on your list...well since I happen to be Canadian and Big Z happens to get in trouble with the law up here...I pulled a few strings down at the local Court House and I was able to use my "charm" to get the Captain 4 get of of Jail free cards for his remaining 4 trips to Canada for the season!

Dennis Seidenberg - A big bag of oats and new shoes for the Bruins horse!

Andrew Ferrence - For our environmentalist to help spruce up those commutes to the Gahden I got Captain Planet a basket and a bell for his bike! ALSO I got him a new pair of hockey gloves. Hockey gloves that have the index and middle finger sewn together so the next time he has an "equipment malfunction" he will be giving the peace sign and not the finger :)

Joe Corvo - Lazer treatments to remove that embarrasing sun tattoo around his navel.  Joe...that might have been ok in Ottawa and Carolina but you're a member of the BIG BAD BRUINS now...we tattoo Stanley Cups on our bodies...not the Sun around our belly button!

Johnny Boychuck - O full of potential and promise...for you Johnny I went back to the bookstore and I got a copy of "Hockey 101 for Dummies".  Johnny I love ya and I think you are supremely talented but I really question your hockey IQ on many nights.  I think this will help!

Adam McQuaid - For Darth Quaider I took the Liberty of having the Arena Staff at the Gahden install foam padding behind both nets for the next time you inevitably go crashing in possibly head first even it sound be a much softer landing

Steve Kampfer - The easiest one to buy for on my list.  I got Kampfer a season pass to Disneyland and a trade to Tampa so he can use his pass all year long. 

Now onto my forwards....will roll through our lines here with what Santa Ashley will be putting under Bruin trees!

Shawn Thornton - Just for fun I'm gonna give Thorty Matt Cooke for Christmas.  This way he gets to beat the shit out of him 365 days a year!

Daniel Paille - I got Pies a chisel for Christmas.  Danny boy can grind it out with the best of them but man o man are those hands made of stone.  Once we chip away that stone what a complete player Pies will be!

Gregory Campbell - My homeboy Soupie.  No literally we grew up about 15 minutes from each other...we're from the same hometown!!  Gregory I simply got you a Gold Star for Christmas.  I think your so underrated and you bring so much to this team...shot blocking, never afraid to mix it up, the man on the PK and on and on...I just really think for Christmas this year you deserve to be recognized for all your efforts!

Chris Kelly - For our boy having a breakout season Santa Ashley just HAS to get him a much deserved contract extension for Christmas!!!

Rich Peverley - Maintance Days.  Pevs missed practice today to rest some bumps and heading into the new year I wanna give Pevs more maintance days and possibly his own personal nurse....

Benoit Pouliot - Well the perfect gift for the newest Bruin would be...a Ryder jersey.  As my buddy Daniel has coined him the "New Ryder" what better than a Ryder jersey so he can channel all of Ryder's goal scoring prowess versus the Habs, not having to do anything for an entire game but just making one shot a game count and also the ability to play net when neccesary.

Nathan Horton - Our inspiration in the last year's Finals...for Horty during my last trip in Boston I managed to get down to ice level and sweet talk the Zamboni drivers and what I got for Horty is...a case of Gahden Water!  Horty feel free to pour some of this magical water on your got a long way to go to fufill my Forty Horty prediction! Oh I also bought you a year's subscription to Playboy in case your ever on the market for a new playmate...

Milan Lucic - For Looch I got him a conductors hat and a steam whistle.  Maybe next time the Loooochich train comes barreling down the tracks Miller will hear it coming and get the fuck outta the way!

David Krejci - A 50 million dollar insurance policy on those silky sweet hands!  I figure that's about how much they will make him over the course of his career so he better get those bad boys insured!

Brad Marchand - For the rat I got him a pair of extra low rise jeans and NO shirts. 

Tyler Seguin - I got Segs two things for Christmas this year.  1 - I got him a first-class ticket to Ottawa because I really think this kid deserves to be named to the All-Star game in Ottawa this year and 2. I got  him a fake ID so he can run with the rat all year long and take his shirt off in every club in Boston!

Patrice Bergeron - For Bergy he gets...his first of many Selke Awards....and me...under his a bow...just a bow :)

There you have it...Santa Ashley's Bruin Christmas List is complete!  To all my Bruins and anyone reading this right now have a happy, safe and hockey filled Holiday Season!

- Ashley

Friday, 16 December 2011

O Canada

The Hamilton Brothers
Its that time of the year Hockey Fans!!! The best time of the year to be a hockey fan other than when the Bruins are  playing or the Stanley Cup Playoffs of course!

What am I referring too?  Well my American readers might be a bit out in the dark on this one but any of my Canadian readers know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

World Junior Championship Time!!!

The WJC's are pretty much a National Holiday for two weeks in Canada...for some reason its just a blip on the radar screen for American Hockey fans though.  Which is truly a shame because its an AMAZING tournament.

Bruin fans should be paying close attention to this tournament though because I predict this will be a MAJOR coming out party for our boy Dougie!  Yes I know being a first round pick he obviously is already known throughout the hockey world but I predict after this tournament there will be a few GM's who had a pick before the Bruins did last year who will be kicking themselves they didn't take Dougie.

Also as a side note to my loyal Bruin readers...2010 2nd round pick Ryan Spooner who I think would have easily made Team Canada unfortunately was diagnosed with Mono the day before all players reported for the Selection Camp.  I was looking forward to watching him in this tournament but he will be back strong to finish out his season in the OHL where he has been one of the top forwards in the entire league.

Now on to a brief rundown of Team Canada's Roster.

Goaltending - As always we should be strong in net.  Mark Vistentien (Dougie's teammate in Niagara) returns from last year's team will start as the # 1.  He hasn't had a GREAT year so far in the OHL this season but he is a great goalie and has a lot to prove after last years heartbreaker in the final.  Backing him up is Scott Wedgewood who since he plays in the OHL as well  (Plymouth) I've seen a few times and it would not surprise me at all if he ends up being the # 1 by the time the tournament is over.  Regardless much like my Bruins Team Canada really has a 1A and 1B in net!

Defence - Anchored by my boy and yours DOUGIE HAMILTON our defense has a bit of everything.  No returnees on the blue line BUT 1st round NHL picks all over the place back there.  Dougie will play a ton and in all situations.  It was a surprise when we cut Ryan Murphy (which just goes to show how deep we are) but Nathan Beaulieu outplayed him in the Selection Camp and along with Dougie will quarterback our powerplay.  Of note Beaulieu is the son of Jacques...the Head Coach and GM of my beloved Sarnia Sting!!!  I'm also familiar with Scott Harrington who will most likely be the 7th D...he was a big surprise to make the team and despite playing for the London Knights I suppose I can get behind him for a couple of weeks...

Forwards - There was some concern at the selection camp that offense might be somewhat of a concern.  But fear not fellow Canadians ( or fear lots to my American readers) when you have two guys who were playing in the NHL all season in Smith-Pelley and Connolly along with Scheifle who played a few games with the Jets and who I saw in person this year (he was dominant) I don't think we will have any problem scoring goals.  Also of interest Dougie's big brother Freddie made the team and he has been great in the "O" so far this season!

All in all a VERY talented group as usual.  Now just imagine if we had Segs and Skinner who amazingly enough are both still eligible to play in this tournament!

The Official Honey Pot Prediction is.......GOLD!

Again to all my dear American friends do yourselves a favour and start paying attention to this tournament.  Obviously in Canada we're spoiled with all the coverage TSN has of the WJC but I think the NHL network shows a lot of the games in the States.

Go Dougie Go and Go Canada Go!!!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

I'll Take A Pot Of Honey....With A Side Of Chris Kelly

Wow what a month! Undefeated in 15 games and we're right back where we belong!

So many players have stepped up during this streak which time and time again just proves our depth.  I know I sound like a broken record on here but our depth  is what sets us apart from the rest of the NHL and is what will ultimately lead us to becomming back-to-back Champions!!

In thinking up my next blog (this one) I had been paying close attention (as I always do) to the games as of late looking for one player to centre out and blog about.

Sure I could pick the usual suspects to blog about in relation to our most recent success.  The Captain, Timmy, Bergy, Marchy, Segs, Seidy, Looch, Horty...yes sure these guys are the ones who get a lot of the press, deservedly so BUT there was one name I kept coming back to and game after game it became more and evident to me who I wanted to heap my praise towards.

So lets give it up Bruins fans for........CHRIS FREAKING KELLY!!!!!

Who is with me here?  Who else has noticed what an important piece this guy has been ever since we acquired him last March at the deadline??  Personally this guy doesn't need to score for me to see his value.  Face-offs, PK, shutting down the other teams big guns...this guy does all of that and has done so much of that since Day 1.  But yes now that he has been chipping in a lil more frequently on the offensive many teams can boast a guy with 10 goals already as their 3rd line centre??

3 goals in his last 5 games, 2 OF THEM GAME WINNERS, and in the back to back games with the Maple Leafs his face off winning percentage was that is not a misprint 80 fucking percent of his draws he won.

Chris Kelly is easily one of the smartest hockey players on our roster and I believe because people don't see him as "special" they under rate his value to our team.

Now for a couple other tidbits straight from the HoneyPot!

- was at the Gahden live and in person last Saturday to watch my boys continue their DOMINATION over lil Phil and his Maple Laughs.  Loved every minute of it. As much as I would hate for the Leafs to make the playoffs (and I don't think they will) how amazing would it be to play these losers in the first round??

- Broken Record Time - PC is the motherfucking man! Once again he does it and he does it early locking up another one of our key pieces long term at an attractive cap hit.  Thank you PC and Magic Hands Krejci congratulations! Watch for PC to be locking up Kelly sometime soon as well I predict!

- Enough with the Segs drama! He missed a TEAM sleep in you sit. I don't care if he could have helped us win a game in December...I care more so that team rules are followed through and everyone is on the same page! Over..end of story. Lesson learned from Segs and we all move forward. Stop making it a bigger deal than what it actually is!